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Best learning opportunity

Dear Orchid-folk,

I’m an intermediate metalsmith, mainly a serious hobbyist, but
aspiring to develop my jewelry-making skill and artistry to “the next
level”. I think I can get two months off from my day-job this summer
and I am looking at where I might go to get an intensive, amazing
learning experience with really high-level teaching.

As a point of reference, I’ve been to Haystack at least 8 times and,
while I have always loved it, I think I want something even longer
than their sessions. I do not have an art school degree. I’ve done a
fair amount of continuing ed. at the Museum School in Boston, and
workshops in a variety of places.

I want something more substantive than the workshops I’ve done;
something that would involve more serious creative challenges and
more serious critique input. What do people think of this? Do you
know of any programs offered in the May-July time-frame that I should
check out?

I am thinking that the particular faculty involved will be an
important issue in my choice. Of my various teachers, Lisa Gralnick
and Susan Kingsley have brought out the best in me. So, One question
is, can you think of other comparable teachers to recommend?

I welcome any suggestions or advice. I know each person’s path is a
personal one, with many factors at play, but you may have some
wisdom of experience that would help me consider my options.

Thank you!
Tracy Munn
Somerville, MA

Pennland has 8 week intensives.

I would suggest you look into that, or else consider trade school at
one of the many fine schools we have all over the country. You
could take a lot of trade school classes in 2 months. Maybe even
get a certificate/diploma of some kind.

Depends on your angle. What’s more important? The art bit? Or
increasing the number and variety of technical skills that you have?

That tells you which way to go.

Me, I’d suggest you seriously consider trade school. But I always
say that. Not enough people consider trade school.

I know a guy around here, didn’t get an art degree, spent two or
three months at Revere, and now he has a sweet position working at
his own studio doing interesting contract work.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

If you will have two months available to enrich your bench skills you
might want to consider the 8 week intensive program at the Revere
Academy. Or perhaps the upcoming Master’s Symposium in April if
there is still space available.

Michael David Sturlin