Best Choice Bronze for Forging?

Greetings all.

I have been looking around for some bronze rod that would be
suitable for forging experiments. My experience with this material
is negligible at this point. Is there an alloy that would be the
best choice. Where might be some sources? So far I have check
McMaster-Carr but the alloy that sounds best is not available in the
shape I want. Also have not turned up anything at Metalliferous,
only sheet.

I am taking a welding class to learn about the possibilities of TIG
welding Copper and Bronze. Big vessels, yes!

Bill Churlik


Silicon Bronze such as Everdur forges wonderfully. It also casts
quite well, forms and fabricates like sterling or copper.

I use it often in my work and have poured 10" ingots which I’ve then
forged or rolled in my mill.

Andy Cooperman

If you are hot forging try:

Forging brass C37700

Naval Brass C46400

Muntz Metal C28000