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Best bullet clutch?

Hi All. I’ve been looking for the best quality bullet clutches for
post earrings. Ideally I’d like sterling silver-plated, but a good
base metal would be OK. I’m mainly interested in the strength,
reliability, and longevity of the inner workings, whether rubber or
otherwise. I don’t want these things coming off accidentally, and I
don’t mind paying more for better ones. But, unless they are
superior internally, I don’t need solid sterling ones.

There seems to be a lot of the same cheap things online, including
aluminum and “silver plated” (no silver). It’s pretty hard to figure
what’s what. Does anyone have a recommendation for one you love from
a reliable source?

Thanks, Orchid!

Allan - for sterling earrings, you want a sterling nut. Stuller has
#2263 - a good sized reliable clutch. Rio has something similar. Both
charge about $1 per piece. Your customer would appreciate these large
clutches. Earrings balance better and are much more comfortable. The
size tends to show quality. Using plated clutches makes the whole
earring set seem cheap.

I price my nice mixed metal earrings with these clutches but use 14K
posts. The gold posts have fewer allergy indications.

Mostly, I use the big clutches because they hold the earrings better
than anything else I’ve found.


I should have specified that these are mostly for earrings under $50
with a surgical steel post.