Best buffs and Polishing materials?

Hi Guys: Its us again. We need advise regarding polishing. We
seem to spend too much time polishing…We know we are probably
trying to reinvent the wheel…What are the best buffs and
polishing materials that we can use to get that beautiful mirror
finish . If anyone has ideas, we would really appreciate
suggestions. Thanks a lot.

Hi George, Everyone has a favorite buff. The important thing is
to prepare the piece before you buff it. Use bobbing compound or
tripoli on several tools first. Use small brushes for highly
detailed surfaces, laps for flat parts of the piece and use large
brushes or small unbound buffs for domed or smooth concave areas.
When you have removed all the emery marks and other scratches,
clean the piece carefully to remove all traces of the polishing
compound. Repeat the entire process with matching tools and red
rouge for a compound.Now, select you favorite buff[cotton,
flannel or leather] and lightly buff the piece. I use cotton. Have fun. Tom Arnold