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Best apoxy to use on organic material



This is my first time starting a thread, not sure if I am doing it

But this is my question, if anyone shall receive this email…

I am trying to attach a puka shell (organic material) to a sheet of
silver, what kind of apoxy would you recommende



Hi Perri

A 24 hour set epoxy would work but eventually it will come apart.
Better to bezel set the piece to the silver. It will take longer but
look so much better. Post some more details of what you are trying to

A picture would be helpful.


Epoxy is good for a lot of things. The military uses it to hold
helicopter panels together. That said you need to take into account
a lot of things like color, stress,flexibility etc.

Rule of thumb is the longer the setting time the stronger the hold.
In the costume jewelry industry they use a product that is flexible
and holds well. It is the Same product as Goop that you can buy in
the hardware store. I like the marine grade due to the UV resist
ants but any one will work.

Sometimes I use JB Weld if I need to do a rubber mold as it will
take the heat of vulcanizing. There are other epoxies I use for
sculpting and molding things with as they help me speed up the
process or allow me to easily reuse parts on another piece without
needing to remake them. One thing to keep in mind with Goop let it
sit for 24 hours if you are goingto use it on nickel silver as the
fumes will oxidize the nickel silver if you put it in a zip lock.
The out gassing takes 24 hours then you are good to package it for
long term storage.

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