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Bespoke jewelry cases

I’m reposting a request.

Does anyone know of a US manufacturer of “made to fit” (bespoke)
cases for jewelry?

I’d like to start having baize lined cases made for some of the
pieces I make. I’m sure people know the type of thing I mean. The
interior has a baize covered platform that holds the necklace, broach,
pendant tightly and the cover/lid closes so that when the case is
moved the piece doesn’t flop around inside. I used to have them made
in London but the little company I used has closed down.

Tony Konrath

Gold and Stone

A quick search on the web turned up two possible leads but no US

and from another site’s list:

Young Jones (Bespoke boxes & furniture)
The Old malthouse, Bryn Street, Newtown, Powys, SY16 2HW
01686 624081

Pam Chott

Thanks for the effort!

I’ve already tried them and they are prohibitively expensive and ask
for runs of several hundred!

I know I’m being a pest but where on earth do the high end jewelers
get theirs from - you know they type of thing - a box for a tiara!!!

Tony Konrath

Gold and Stone

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has a packaging
division. I purchased a case similar to what you are describing. It
had tabs at the upper hinged area to attach the necklace. When closed
I did move the case around and was pleasantly suprised that the
necklace had not shifted dramatically to turn into a lump. The piece
was a rather heavy cloisonne pendant 2� x 2� strung on pearls.

They can be found at and I like the fact that one
case may be purchased as well as having a quantity discount option. I
believe I paid $5-$6 for my �embossed leatherette case� but there
certainly were more exotic options.

Orchid Rules…Karla in So Cal

Have you tried Jewel Case of America… They have an email address. tel: 800-441-4447

They have an extensive line of jewelry boxes and cases for all kinds
of items and they can even hot stamp your store name into the
interior of the case. hope this helps. Daniel Grandi
We do casting and finishing for designers and people in
the trade in gold, silver, bronze and pewter

I did a little searching on-line and found the following company that
sells boxes something like what you describe:

I don’t think they are what could be called “high end” but maybe they
would do in a pinch?

Julia-in mild and apparently winterless Seattle


I have been searching for years for the type of jewelry boxes that
you are looking for, but to no avail. Everyone wanted a HUGE
minimum… I wanted boxes made to fit individual pieces.

I did find a box-maker at the Baltimore show last year, who made very
unique boxes, of the size that would hold neckpieces, rings,
bracelets, etc. These came without any interior treatment. The boxes
are works of art in themselves, and priced well above any commercial
boxes that I saw (in the $80-$200 range). Not a traditional jewelry
case, but my work isn’t traditional jewelry either. So, I have
actually been contemplating ordering some of these boxes and making
my own interiors, or contacting someone like Gerald Freid Co. in
Buffalo, NY, to do the interior work.

If you find someone, please share the I’m sure there
are others out there who would like to have boxes like these.

Doug Zaruba