BernzOmatic torch

Dear Aileen, Carol Holaday sent on your reply regarding your #JTH7 torch.
I’m getting back into enameling after 30 years and a recent course here in
TN with Carol and Susan Kingsley. I bought the #JTH7 which works fine for
bead making but I want to expand its use for annealing, torch firing
copper pieces, soldering on findings in addition to bead making. Do you
use yours for any of these purposes? Do you have additional tips that can
regulate the flame size? Any you can give me would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks. Lissa Bower, Sevierville, Tennessee

Lissa you can control the heat on your torch easily, by not going full
blast i.e. open all the way, I do beads at only half open depending on the
enamel and how much it will tollerate before burning, like red doesn’t
like to be cooked - I use my torch for everything, especially cast sterling
peices when I solder on jump rings pin stems etc. you can also bring up
fine silver on the surface of reticulation and cast shibooishi peices, I
have four torches (all propane as I don’t like acetylan it is two dirty +
I feel it is violital in earth quake country - yea I know - you can chain
them & etc. . . but why? when propane is cheap in small canisters - I can
make beads, solder etc. do demos at shows, for a month on one canister,
and I don’t have to truck in a big tank, nor worry about that 50 gal tank
going up in a big bang… just call me chicken little … got anymore
questions, I,m only too happy to help you, everyone at Orchid has been so
helpful to me - many ? have been answered for me in just 2 mo.s - a big
thank you - to all on Orchid. I bet you loved Carol & Susan , they are
the greatest teachers ever - they are why at my age I still go to school
all the time, I’m lucky MPC has good teachers.

Aileen - sun shined all day here in the Prunedale Hill’s