Bernzomatic T 8000

Hi jewelers. Someone gave me a bernzomatic torch tip - the kind you affix to a propane tank - but the head seems very large. Model is TS8000. I’m assuming it’s too big for jewelry soldering.
Before I pass it on, any insight whether I can use this? For reference, I work in a studio where I’m a student, but trying to build a small setup in my 1 bedroom city apartment.

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Try it out. People use all kinds of torches. There is no one torch that everyone uses. You might check with your landlord about his/her property insurance and what it prohibits. If that becomes a problem, look at the larger butane torches like the Blazer GT8000. If they give you a hard time, tell them it is for making creme brulle. Good luck…Rob


It will work for some things, but not everything.
I use a torch like that sometimes when I’m working on larger items (like say, making a hollow ring) but don’t want to bother turning on the gas/regulators for my Smith torch. It could also be useful for annealing larger pieces.
But, you’d probably have a heck of a time repairing a chain or attaching an earring post.
If you combine this with a handheld butane torch and you’re probably good for most needs.


Thanks, Rob and Mark. My co-op definitely doesn’t allow for larger torches and propane, and I mostly work on smaller pieces. So I’ll be donating it forward to someone who can use it.
Really appreciate your input. :blush:

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I don’t know where you live but I live in NYC and I must caution that it is illegal to use a propane or anything more than a kitchen torch in an apartment. As far as the torch tip you mentioned it might be handy for alloying metal or just melting metal for ingots. Maybe you could hold onto it. You might find it useful in the future