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Bergeon parallel pliers

Does anyone know of a source for the Bergeon parallel pliers ? 

Not Bergon pliers, but Gemset pliers are available through Rio
Grande. Page 207 . These are similar but the parallel jaws are
mechanically advantaged 10 to 1 . I have the large set at $ 32.95
and also an attachment for setting 4 & 6 prong earrings $ 32.95 .

This is a more specialized pliers, but where you can get them into
the work, the 10 to 1 ratio gives a delicate control or if you need
it, bear down for a high compression ratio. I would buy them again .

I also keep my eyes open at fleamarkets and pawn shops for old
pliers which can be modified CHEEPLY to accomplish the task at hand.
Once made, forever paid for .

but you can call me PapPaw ( first grandson born Monday )