Bergdorf goodmans

Has anyone in the Orchid community had experience selling through
Bergdorf Goodman’s and would they be willing to share info with me?
; I’ve just been asked to sell my jewelry at Bergdorf’s but I’d love
to find out the pros and cons from someone who’s been there
Unfortunately, they only sell consignment (30 day net), but their
sister store, Neiman Marcus is willing to place orders. I’d love any
feedback, on or off-list. Thank you.

neiman marcus paid me for 5 different orders, 5 times, 30 day net,
on the nose, in the last year, the amounts were, 4@ $1200.00, 1
@$12,000.00, and they were ordered through a ny showroom. dp

Could you tell me what showroom in NY? I am currently at Fragments
Showroom but sales have been horrible. Thanks! Dawn

Hi Dawn, Wow, I was glad to see your post. I was on the verge of
trying to get into Fragments in SoHo (is there more than one?).
Their showroom has some really gorgeous things in it… I love their
selection. Is there something about Fragments itself that you feel
is leading to the lack of sales? Or is it the market in general? If
you wouldn’t mind sharing (privately is fine), I’d be grateful for
your insight.

Karen Goeller
Handcrafted and Unique Artisan Jewelry