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Bereavement diamonds

Howdy Y’all-

Does anyone out there have any experience with “diamonds from
ashes”? There are several companies who offer the service of creating
a diamond from the ashes of someone who has passed.

As I poked around I found some who dismissed it as outright fraud
and those that simply questioned whether or not human ashes even had
enough carbon in them to accommodate crystal growth.

Any of my esteemed gemological colleagues have something to
contribute? This is not for myself, but for a customer’s mourning
ring. I just can’t steer them in that direction if it’s a farce.

Also there is a company that in their own words [after they select a
rough zircon], "This rough gem is then put through a proprietary
process which uses a thermo/chemical reaction. This initiates an
ionic exchange between the zircon and the atmosphere created from
your pets ashes. The easiest way to describe it is to imagine a
sponge, first we wring out certain atoms, and then let it absorb the
new ones. This process permanently changes the physical properties
and thus the color of of the gemstone itself. This is not a coating
like some treatments, and we are not creating a fake stone.

The results of our process is a permanent change in the crystal
structure of the natural zircon itself." Any thoughts on this? Thank
you all in advance.

Be well,