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Bending tube etc

When we made tapered coffee pot spouts in Denmark and other small
tapered objects we would first coat the item in rouge powder wet
with alcohol both inside and out, applying a thick layer to the inner
surface and the edges. We would make the cone somewhat longer than
the final spout would be then close the smaller end we would fill
the ‘spout’ with lead then bend to the required shape before
carefully melting out the lead. Which generally just fell out once
the surface had melted. No problem! If you look at my Ganoksin blog
’On your Metal’ there should be a very smart method for making a coil
of chenier using the drawbench. Taught to me by an old London

David Cruickshank (Australia)

Loved the coiled tubing info. Absolutely brilliant. Have fun and make
lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Loved the coiled tubing info. Absolutely brilliant. 

When I tried this, I got marks from the wires in the coil. Freezing
water in the tube worked like a charm, but if you don’t work fast,
you have to put it back to re-freeze as needed. I plugged the ends
with sticky wax to hold the water in during freezing.


Woods meta l or other low melting point alloy. Micromark sells some
stuff which doesn’t give off toxic fumes.


i use some small springs to bend annealed tubing- works every time!
just wrap some soft cloth around precious metal tubing to prevent
marring, or use a sleeve of shrink tubing as an insert if the tubing
is too close to the spring’s size (actually micro-mark is one source
I have used for tube bending springs sets- love that company but
find most everything they sell cheaper elsewhere!)…rer