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Bending Gold Ring Flange Back


Hi, All!

I need some advice.

I have a gold ring that has a thin rectangular piece that got bent
back about 90 degrees from where it should be and twisted very

This piece is part of the shank continues beyond where it would
normally stop and wraps around the head. It’s a love knot design.
The part that is bent back is 1mm thick, 2.8mm wide and 9mm long. It
does look like the gold is slightly stressed. There is a 1 carat
diamond right next to the stress mark.

What would be the best procedure to bend this piece back around the
head. Should I just bend it or use heat on it or any other
suggestions? I would like to not use heat if at all possible. If I
bend it back without using heat what are the odds of it breaking at
the stress mark.

Thank you for any help.
Randy Jacobson


Hello Randy! At the risk of offending you; if you have to ask the
question, you have given yourself an answer. Get help! With a 1 carat
in the area you need to proceed with care and experience. It likely
will require annealing. You may flow the solder; assuming the diamond
is in a soldered in head.

Most of the experienced jewelers on this list have done the job your
describing, however, not before they knew how. Get someone to show
you if possible. Good luck!