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[BenchTube] Webinar with Bathsheba Sculpture


Now showing at the BenchTube

Webinar with Bathsheba Sculpture: using T-Splines to products and

Runtime: 1 hr 1m 24s

This is a recording of a March 30, 2010 webinar entitled “Using
T-Splines to create products and sculptures.” In the recording,
Bathsheba Grossman gives an introduction to her work as a digital
artist and sculptor and shows how she used T-Splines to make three of
her intricate designs./nBathsheba Grossman’s designs have appeared in
the New York Times, the London Times, Der Spiegel, and in TIME
Magazine’s 100 most influential designs of 2007. A long-time Rhino
user, Bathsheba added T-Splines to her toolset in 2009 to more easily
create freeform designs.

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