Benchtube video suggestion

Thank you to those who make and post how-tos, especially the little
videos. It is very interesting to watch “over the shoulder” of
another craftsman. Details that you might never think to write down
are clear from actually seeing.

I have a request/suggestion for the consideration of anyone making
such a film: Show the project at the opening of the video. I feel
that I would learn more and understand what I see better if I know
what it’s in aid of. The other way is a little like being taught to
cook without knowing what the dish is!

I don’t mean to sound unappreciative-- it is a very generous thing
to do, regardless.


I have mixed thoughts about this idea. Fact is that some of these
craftsmen are spending extra time for the setup. Asking more of
their time AND tricks (basicaly that is what they are doing) is not a
good thing to ask for in my opinion.

The crucial point is that everybody has to do something himself to
figure out what he needs in order to make it happen. All te video’s
schown are tips,acts and possibility’s given by a very genereous
group of people AND they are all for free!!! The possibility of
contacting these generous persons are even extended by asking
straight forward questions via e-mail.

If one need to draw some wire, the person need to know that you need
a drawing plate, a pair of pliers and lubricant. You can’t pull wire
with your fingers and sure not with a hammer. If all this is not
clear enough then by some books and find out yourself, contact
organisations like Stuller, Rio Grande and many more who are very
helpfull and friendly aswell.

Do not misunderstand me here, I’m not disrespectfull for the ones
who do not figure out te picture from the beginning by watching the
video’s. I’m only telling that any given from anybody in
this group should be talking with great respect without asking for
more (concerning the video’s). Be aware that this platform is
realised and organized by people which need to work for their money
spending their free time and kowledge as a gift.

In all respect to anybody, I’m very happy and pleased in order to
have the privelage of taking part in everything realised in this

Special to all the very skilled jewellers who are showing how things

Have fun and enjoy


Thank you for a very excellent suggestion. That will help those
about to post a Bench Tube Video.

I have been on site at every one of the tapings at Jay Whaley’s
Studio. For rank amateurs, it is a trial and error learning period.
Let me share some of the things we have learned. This is for those
who are able to edit their video, some just video and use it as is.

First film the process from beginning to end. Then take the finished
project, and continue to film as you talk about it as if you are
just going to start filming. Show the piece, rotate it, and make
certain your fingers are not covering it up. Discuss the project
beginning to end, steps, etc. and then load that piece in front of
the already filmed portion. You will then have a clip just as Noel

Terrie, Jay Whaley’s Studio Assistant

Asking more of their time AND tricks (basicaly that is what they
are doing) is not a good thing to ask for in my opinion. 

All I intended to ask for is to edit in a shot of the finished
piece at the beginning of the video or the opening screen.


i have been spending a great deal of time looking at benchtube
lately. along with watching the technique being demonstrated, i have
been wondering about how the video is being recorded. i have also
been thinking that other people might record their work if they knew
how to go about it.

so, why doesn’t someone write a piece about making a video? what kind
of camera is needed? what software is used for editing? how do you
set up the camera? how do you zoom in? what about lighting? you get
the picture (heh). oh, to everyone who has contributed to benchtube:
thank you, thank you.

jean adkins