[BenchTube] Thee films about ancient jewelry techniques

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This is a serie of thee films that was made for the Dutch National
Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, as part of an exhibition about
ancient jewelry. This is also the reason that it has no sound.

Metal Granulation: Schitterend Sieraad
Runtime: 7m 45s

Cabochon Cutting and Setting: Schitterend Sieraad
Runtime: 7m 33s

Filigree and cloisonne Enamel: Schitterend Sieraad
Runtime: 8m 18s

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Great videos!!

I have one question. In the first film one sees the flower being
pierced and chased and when it comes to the granulation part it all
of a sudden has a border around each petal. I assume it was wire
that was added. Couldn’t have been soldered as they granulated it.
How to the get wire to match the edge of the petals as exactly as it
did? Maybe with some clever jig like we saw earlier in the film for
design transfer? Maybe there is a more than one question in that?


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