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[BenchTube] Stunning Jewellery video

As a Jeweller of 20+ years I found this video inspiring.

After seeing it i couldnt wait to get some spare time on the bench,
open up my old “goodies” box and design and make something for the
sake of “just doing it”.

I searched for more jewellery related videos but found nothing. Has
anyone bookmarked videos that have impressed them. I would love to
see more.

Kindest regards
Chris K

HI Chris, 

I’m with you on wanting to see more, although I am happy to see any
process that potentially I could do, I saw a casting video from an
iron foundry in England… it just does it for me.

About that video, no one on this list could say that the piece
wasn’t beautiful, it’s a philosophy in making that I aspire to.
Making by any means. They aren’t caught up with hand made hand
wrought, casting or not etc. etc. It’s just about the piece.

Regards Charles A.