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[BenchTube] Pd Bypass ring

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Pd Bypass ring
Runtime: 2m 1s

A ring fabricated with 950 Pd using an industrial TIG machine to
fuse the joints. Demonstrates integrity of this type of weld…

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An interesting video and a nice end product. I am not meaning this
to be personal and I hope it is taken as if we are just talking shop
here, but to me that seemed like it might not be the best way to
make that ring? I’d think that Plan A would be to carve it and cast
it as one piece, Plan B would be to fabricate it by shaping the ends
and soldering them at the top, both A and B seem like cleaner more
precise methods to me, while Plan C would be to do it as it was made
in the video. The method in the video seemed like there was too much
unnecessary metal added during the welding process, creating a mass
of material that had to be shaped to find the ring inside. But that
is just one persons opinion and I still appreciate seeing the video
and am interested in the welding technique.