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Necessity Is the Mother
Runtime: 5m 49s

How (many tools) does a metalsmith (have to use or make to) open a
bottle of wine? Originally created for the show, The Art of Opening:
Bottles and Their Toppers, The Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia, PA.
2008, V. Lansford…

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haaaaaaaaaaa ha

May I suggest a simpler solution? Tools = 1 Swiss Army knife set
with corkscrew.

Procedure: Unfold corkscrew. Use tip to break the thin metal film
over cork. Insert screw tip at edge of cork (bottle rim). Press down
& screw into cork. Place bottle firmly between feet, on floor,
cork-side UP. Place non-dominant hand on bottle neck. Use dominant
hand to unscrew cork, balanced by grip of feet and other hand. After
cork pops out, pour libation into wine goblet. Use correctly sized
bottle stopper to contain vino and its atmosphere in bottle. Unscrew
cork from corkscrew & close knife set.

Completion time, approximately 15 sec.

If genie is encountered, you are on your own!

Victoria, I’ve never had more fun watching a bottle being opened!
OK, so simpler is not better…

best regards,