[BenchTube] Mokume Gane Band by AndrosCreations

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Mokume Gane Band by AndrosCreations
Runtime: 9m 51s

Here you can see an 8mm mokume gane style band being created from
silver strip and mokume patterned sheet. Mokume Gane is a Japanese
term which means

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Copper bearing mokume-gane is never recommended for intimate contact
with skin. The maker does not tell us what metals are in the
laminate but it appears to be a copper/sterling stack. This ring will
invariably turn the wearer’s adjoining fingers green. In the a worst
case scenario the chemistry of the owner may actually etch the
copper out of the laminate. We have seen this, it looks just like a
nitric acid etch! Finger rings should be made from all precious metal

Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sharon