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[BenchTube] Heetrix - Swivel Soldering Unit

Now showing at the BenchTube (beta)
(Ganoksin answer to YouTube for jewelers.):

Heetrix - Swivel Soldering Unit
Runtime: 3m 24s

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The Making of a Video by Teresa Masters

Thursday was a long and very busy day, with lots of laughs.

It began at Jay Whaley’s Studio at 9 AM with his private class. I
was busy at the computer. My son Gregg arrived around 2 PM, and
began to set up for an evening of videography.

For those of you who have already tried this venture, you know it
"ain’t" easy. Take, and retake, ad infinitum. Make sure something
behind you does not appear to be coming out of your left ear. Trying
to not be tongue tied, and repeatedly reintroducing yourself.

Thank goodness, we are no longer dealing with film that has to be
processed. Viewing is now instantaneous, thankfully. It is also a
source of jocularity. I know we laughed more heartily and frequently
than usual. One of these days, we will put together a video of out
takes. Probably get more views than the serious stuff.

This is a preamble to let you know that we have posted a new Jay
Whaley short video. This is on the Heetrix, another as Lee Marshall
recently labeled such items, Jewelry for Jewelers. I have seen it in
use for some 5 years now, and only recently became aware that it
was another Jay Whaley innovation.

Take a look at the video, and know that it is currently available,
and will be in most Catalogs, as well as on Jay’s Whaley Workshops
Web Site, ask your catalog company for it by name, as each one will
have a different number for it in their specific catalog. The
Heetrix is now manufactured and distributed by EuroTool.

Oh yes, our filming ended close to 10:30 PM, bed beckoned close to
midnight, and a good time was had by all.