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[BenchTube] Hammer & Clamps


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Hammer & Clamps
Runtime: 6m 54s

In this video, I explain the differences between many hammers &
clamps prior to setting any style of ring. The optimum phrase is
’being comfortable’ in setting stones. You don’t want your hand to
hurt or have your clamp literally fall into pieces! Your hammer
should weigh just enough you the results you need. But the hammer
must not be too heavy or your hand will get tired. “A tired hand
gives you poor results!”

Watch Video:


Is it only my Firefox/Win7 setup, but the audio in these videos is
so far out of sync with the video that in many cases I’ve no idea as
to what the description is referring.

Regards, Gary Wooding


I view on Firefox/Win 7 also and the audio is off by 5 to 10 seconds.
quite a lot! I am curious to know if anyone is viewing the videos
with the audio in sync? And if so, what is causing the difference?


In regards to these ‘out of sync’ audio-videos: I check many times
even before downloading any video that I intend to post.

What happens ‘after the fact’, is beyond my control!..Gerry Lewy


It’s a glitch with Shockwave Flash and happens off and on with
various browsers and operating systems. It used to be a lot more
common. Try running the updater for your flash driver.

Ron Charlotte
Gainesville, FL