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[BenchTube] Granulated Cloisonne Enamel Rock Crystal

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Jewellery Making Granulated Cloisonne Enamel Rock Crystal
Runtime: 17m 24s

My film from the Gold-Glue series shows the production of: Silver
Cloisonne enamel pendant with rock crystal cabochon. Filigreen
Universe Goldsmiths Enamel with sounds from my Wavetrip

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I really enjoyed the first part of the gold-glue video, the part
showing the forming of the circle, then attaching the granules.
However, the video stopped there and refused to continue. What am I
doing wrong? I often have this problem of a U tube video only shown

A separate question: what is the support holding the piece while it
is heated? It appears to be a squiggle of heavy wire. If so, what
kind of wire is it? and what prevents the silver disc from slumping
while hot? I sure would like to know the answer to both questions.

Orchid is wonderful, so full of and inspiration.

Noralie Katsu

ultra-amazing process. never knew Cloisonne was made like this. I
was just awe struck & didn’t move a muscle till the film ended. we
owe this to Orchid for allowing this to be shown! I just hate when the
other “— tube” only shows the little teasers, but not the whole
detailed story!!! *Gerry *

Jewellery Making Granulated Cloisonne Enamel Rock Crystal 

This was fascinating. Thanks Hanuman. I love what the lens effect of
the cabochon does for the piece.

One question: What is the composition of the clear liquid you’re
using to adhere the granules? Commercial product or your own mix? I
assume for the enamels, you’re just using water, right?

Peter Rowe

Enjoyed the whole process especially seeing the granulation and
crystal making process. Was the firing rack used for torching the
enamel made from nichrome wire? Thanks, Chris

Absolutely fascinating. What wonderful creations. Thank you Hanuman
for sharing this with us. Alma