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[BenchTube] Fiilgree Soldering Demo - Part 1-3

Now showing at the BenchTube (beta)

Fiilgree Soldering Demo - Part 1-3

Demonstration of soldering filigree using a solder pick. 3D
filigree-by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen, Author of Silver Threads, Making
Wire Filigree Jewlery-

Part 1 - Runtime: 8m 33s
Watch Video:

Part 2 - Runtime: 8m 29s
Watch Video:

Part 3 - Runtime: 4m 42s
Watch Video:


I really enjoyed watching your videos but have a few questions. What
solder do you use? It is all the same or do you use hard solder to
start with then use all easy or is it all easy solder?

I wish you would have shown us the sketch a little longer so we
could see what you had in mind to do. Your work is lovely.


Roxan Obrien

thanks Roxan…I try to start with hard and do medium if I need
to…though I think in this case, it was medium I had handy. if I’m
doing a larger piece, I’ll often go with medium because the larger
pieces need more heat because of the heat sink qualities of
silver…but with the smaller ones that aren’t too three
dimensional, I’ll use hard. Sometimes, the last stage of it, where
I’m soldering the bail or some part that is more 3D, I’ll go down a
step to med or easy so as not to undo the earlier soldering.

I’ll try to post a scan I did of the sketch this weekend with a