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[BenchTube] Eleven pendant - Parts 1-12


Now showing at the BenchTube
The Making of the Eleven pendant

Runtime: 1hr 53m 22s

Giacomo demonstrates in a 12 parts video how he created the Eleven

"Interesting pendant, using a very nice flat Agathe stone, yellow
and white 18k gold, genuine ruby, emerald and saphire stones, in
a total of 11 stones = The name ELEVEN. I also call it Flame
Game, because of the nice orange flame inside the charcoal like
patterns inside the quarz Agathe. Hand made. "

Part 1 - Runtime: 8m 28s

Part 2 - Runtime: 9m 13s

Part 3 - Runtime: 10m 44s

Part 4 - Runtime: 4m 55s

Part 5 - Runtime: 8m 44s

Part 6 - Runtime: 10m 39s

Part 7 - Runtime: 10m 32s

Part 8 - Runtime: 9m 3s

Part 9 - Runtime: 8m 36s

Part 10 - Runtime: 8m 9s

Part 11 - Runtime: 9m 17s

Part 12 - Runtime: 15m 2s


First of all, it is wonderful to see Giacomo back. Secondly,
astounding to watch. I am never much of one for superlatives, but,
watching him work is awe inspiring… thank you, thank you, thank
you. Do they have any good beers over there? peace