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[BenchTube] Ear nuts - Part 1, 2

Now showing at the BenchTube (beta)

How the simplest earnuts are made without any soldering operation.
hand made .

Ear nuts - Part 1
Runtime: 8m 15s

Ear nuts - Part 2
Runtime: 7m 54s

I don’t know how many other members are reaping the immense benefit
that I am from all the videos Giacomo is coming out with–for
free–but I think he deserves some sort of medal for what he is
giving so generously. For someone like myself, who is fairly new to
jewelry making, his well-filmed demonstrations are almost like
attending a good jewelry school-- at no cost!.

Gazie tanto, Giacomo!

Larry Heyda

I’ll second that Larry. THANKS Giacomo!!!

I was in the shop making a pair of ear nuts in copper within an hour
of watching that tutorial, and they came out fantastic, the perfect
finish to a pair of hammered hoops I’d just made. And probably a
good $7 addition to the hoops, for maybe 15 minutes of work. And I
know I’ll do a faster job next time. An excellent addition to my
repertoire of skills that will add a little classy professional
touch to my work.

One tip I like to add though- Knock the little dome in, then drill.
It gets it perfectly centered every time.

LJ in North Carolina, where it’s SNOWING!