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[BenchTube] Cheap airgraver Hack

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Cheap airgraver Hack
Runtime: 10m 49s

Modify a cheapo Chinese airgraver, so that it will work like a good

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Modify a cheapo Chinese airgraver, so that it will work like a
good one. 

I don’t know if those junky chinese copes actually violate any of
GRS’s, Ensets, or Steve Lindsay’s patents or trademarks (I would not
be at all surprised if these things violate everything they can
find). Seems like the more patents and trademarks a good product has,
the more likely the Chinese are to steal the ideas. Ok, now I’m just
exaggerating because it ticks me off…), but can we at least agree
not to dignify this junk with the name (airgraver) that Steve calls
his supurb handpieces? His handpieces are precision built pieces of
beauty, not hunks of junk you can partially rescue with Rube Goldberg
modifications. Calling the chinese crap “airgraver” (though it’s the
video, not the chinese product, that does that) Adds insult to

And just for the record, there are other ways to get a less
expensive enraving handpiece that doesn’t support the rip offs.
Fordom makes a nice flex shaft driven engraving handpiece. Sturdy,
works well. Doesn’t have quite the delicacy or hand feel of either
GRS or Lindsay systems, but it does do what it says it does. Same
thing with the Magnagraver handpieces. Those are surprisingly
powerful, if you want such. Maybe not as well suited for anything
light and delicate, though I’m sure some will disagree. And neither
of these two less costly alternatives require jerry rigged
modifications to begin to function almost right.

Peter Rowe