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[BenchTube] Casting, from sprueing to finishing

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Casting, from sprueing to finishing

Part 1/9: Sprueing waxes
Runtime: 6m 32s

Part 2/9: Investing the wax-filled flasks
Runtime: 7m 37s

Part 3/9: Dewaxing the flasks
Runtime: 1m 23s

Part 4/9: Burning out the flasks
Runtime: 1m 44s

Part 5/9: Casting the silver in the heated flasks
Runtime: 3m 33s

Part 6/9: Quenching the hot flasks
Runtime: 1m 34s

Part 7/9: Cleaning the newly cast charms
Runtime: 2m 21s

Part 8/9: Cutting the charms off of the sprues
Runtime: 1m 55s

Part 9/9: Finishing and Polishing
Runtime: 6m 36s