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[BenchTube] Bright-cutting w/ right-sided graver


Now showing at the BenchTube

Bright-cutting w/ right-sided graver
Runtime: 3m 46s

With your new modified graver, you can now easily Bright-Cut inside
any bezel

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I just this minute uploaded a 4 minute video. It shows how easy it is
in using the “Bright-Cutting Graver” in finishing off a Bezel
setting. all it takes is practice.

My next video will show how I will use 2 simple pumice wheels &
clean that bezel & surrounding areas on that ring. I will be using a
Flat-faced & Tapered, #180 grit wheels.

Gerry Lewy


Dear Gerry,

Thank you for the very helpful and enlightening video. Looking
forward to the pumice stone wheel clean-up.

Kind regards,



Thanx to Gerry
finally a video on bright cutting.

You are the first mate and all power to you.



Some instructors must be given an ‘evaluation exam’ on how & what
they teach to beginners in our trade. I’ve come across this many
times, some of them…(not all) are giving their students major
negative feedback. Is this permitted? I had to evaluate my setting
course in great detail on many occasions. It is not an infringement
on my privacy. but we are ‘holding the hands’ of our next up &
coming professionals.

Just how can one teacher say “oh, you don’t need graver usage” or
"using a graver is too difficult!" This is “organic fertilizer” & you
know what I mean.

Probably then next thing ‘they’ might suggest is not to learn How to
do Gypsy Setting or maybe Princess Settings as it’s too hard to
learn. Then these teachers should be given a course in what is
expected of their students in the ‘real world of gem stone setting’.

Communication & knowledge of this glorious trade is so important to
these new students. Do you on Orchid feel the same way as I? I have a
box of resume material, it is an ever-changing style of settings I
set myself. I don’t use a resume text, I let my students see for
themselves what I have done.

Those little bright-cutting attachments I sent out to “Lori”, are a
sample of them. My setting examples speak for themselves. If a
teacher/instructor can’t do the simplest style of setting, then they
should be not allowed in any classroom. agree? Gerry Lewy


Please tell that instructor of yours to wake up & ‘smell the roses’.
She is giving you negative feedback from someone who has no idea
what they’re talking about. Don’t listen to her, please!!

I’m trying to give you the best advice. Show me one setter who
doesn’t use a graver & even basic setters use them. Onglettes are
the best route to take, they give you the most optimum results any
money can buy. There is no need to lean the graver over on it’s side
to make a cut. Thin knife-edge don’t give you the required results.
The natural angles on the side of the Onglette blade does everything
for you, while you’re cutting.

I even taught my students in 45 minutes how to grind & form a
graver. Some instructors shy away from teaching this most ‘rewarding
skill’, why? Maybe they don’t know some of the basic nuances of

You just cannot set a Bezel, Gypsy settings without using a graver,
it looks so incomplete!!! ? One of my next few videos will be how to
then Bright-Cut with one simple graver?..some of my examples are
shown here.

I’ve got a lot of videos now to make, I’m on a roll.:>)Gerry Lewy


Gerrry, thank you for your bright-cutting video_well-done Where
can you buy the type of ring clamp you are using in this video?
thank you, Andy