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[BenchTube] Azure patterns, w/gravers

Now showing at the BenchTube

Azure patterns, w/gravers
Runtime: 3m 35s

Here I am explaining how an Azure cut is finished. It is created
underneath the hole where the diamond is situated. Absolute
precision in graver-cutting is foremost in this process…what I used
was a simple Onglet #1 graver,…nothing else to achieve the design.
It is almost like sculpturing in metal!

Watch Video:

Thank you Gerry-

Interesting use of gravers for ajour. I was taught to just use a 3/0
saw blade. I know the natural instinct is to use a small blade like
an 8/0 but don’t do it. It’s very difficult to cut a straight line
with one. I sometimes will use a graver if I miss getting a corner
just right. But then I am more comfortable with a saw than a graver.

Ajour is a very useful thing to know if you plan on selling to
higher end folks. Tough to do as Gerry says but so very gratifying.

Sawing a pattern out of a plate of metal or casting it in wax and
then soldering it to the back or underside of a piece is not ajour in
my book.

Although pretty enough looking, I’ve seen it done on too many mass
produced pieces to hide sloppy drilling and finishing.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer