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[BenchTube] Ancient Peruvian Mate


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Ancient Peruvian Mate
Runtime: 4m 32s

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Ancient Peruvian Mate
Runtime: 2m 21s

Replica Ancient Peruvian Mate, Tail Metal,end XVII Century

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This piece is beautiful! I don’t know the history of ancient
Peruvian silver. Is the piece a teapot? Is the bird a factual
representation of a bird found in Peru? Thank you for sharing this
with Orchid.

Best regards,
Mary A


Mary, A mate is a special cup used for drinking the herbal tea called
Yerba Mate. The special silver straw with a pierced filter at the end
that goes with this is called a bombilla. You can find more info
about both the drink, and the nearly ritual way it’s prepared on
Wikipedia. Also, the stuff is pretty tasty.



Not from experience you understand, but the drink in a cup with a
straw contained coca.

Ref: British Antiques Roadshow.



Hi There,

I was in Peru a few years ago… I drank the Mate, the spoons are
fantastic silver and wood cups are available everywhere… The whole
operation is up to date… You can even have your cup filled at the
gas station at a vending machine as you would get a coke or pepsi
but you supply your own cup… Coca leaves and cocaine are not the
same you do realize that right…



Hey guys

It was amazed, I just open my emails while drinking mate!!! I do
almost every day, if some one wants some more info about how to drink
it or properties just let me know.

Gustavo Suarez