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Bench tip for wax carvers

For those of you who carve wax here is a little tip. Make yourself a
bench pin out of 1/2 plexiglas. Mine is about 8 inches square with
two slots cut in one side so it fits into the bench pin holder.The
slots are cut so it will slide into the bench pin holder and extendes
out on either side and in front.The screw that holds the bench pin in
also holds the plexiglas. This gives you a nice flat surface to work
on with lots of room and you can light it from beneath using a
regular architect style desk lamp or other light source. I use a
small spot light from a12 volt track light. The kind with the built
in low voltage transformer. I just open the back of the tranformer,
remove the track contacts, and rewire it with a plug and switch. I
also use this same type fixture for lighting on my bench and my drill
press. They provide a more focused light source that is directional
and it produces a lot less heat than a standard 100 watt light bulb.
I like the 50 watt spots.