Bench pin and holder

I cannot find a bench pin holder that will fit a larger bench pin. My
pin is a hair under 2 3/4 in. width & 5 1/4 in length, plus a tang,
which is of course a hair under 2 3/4 in. X 1 1/4. It fit into the
slot of my bench, but now that the slot is getting worn, I have to
stuff it with towels every morning, which is tiresome. The Jayne
Redman is large, but it is very expensive and I dislike the wide v
cut pin. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I recently saw an interesting hand made modern custom mount on ebay
from a US companycalled Oiled Steel with some decent specs. It rides
on a pole at an angle. It is $114. I was wondering if any one had
any experience with it . I have already returned two benchpins and
holders and looked on the entire internet. AAArgh! Here are the
specs on the one from EBAy if you want to see it. You can’t miss it;
it’ s pretty interesting looking.

12" Tall 8" Solid Oak Platform Slides Up and Down Shaft and Locks
firmly Into Place to Allow Instant Adjustable Levels.

Rotate to the Side to Attain Different Platform Angles for Filing or

Comes As You See It Including Mounting Bolts.

Hi Meryl,

We’re actually working on a widget just for you! (and everybody else
who needs one)

We’re in the final stages of making up an adjustable clamp that will
allow you to clamp a GRS wedge to the edge of any table you like.
And move it at any time. No more screwing into the table. The bonus
is that the clamp will be adjustable to handle table edges of at
least 3" thick.

(How much thicker remains to be finalized, but 3" looks like a solid

There’s also a revised version of our steel piercing benchpin, which
will finish primary machining tomorrow. (New ones: thicker, and

Keep an eye on As soon as we have them ready to
ship, I’ll make an announcement. I’d expect them in about a month or
so. There are a bunch of elements left to finish, so just having the
new pins machined isn’t the whole of it. But they are coming!

Brian Meek

Can you just cut the end of the pin to fit into your existing holder
leaving the rest of it the same? I’ve done that before.

If you like your system why don’t you build it back up with epoxy
steel ? Ifyou put too much on sand it down or file it down to fit.


If the typical cast iron slot which can be mounted on the front of
the bench (Rio and Esslinger have it; probably also others) will not
fit your pin, perhaps it could be filed until it did. It seems to be
pretty thick in the catalog pictures.

If this doesn’t work, I’d suggest, chiseling or sanding your current
slot until it is relatively squared up again and then shimming it
with wood strips on the bottom and one side until the slot is
slightly too small to take the pin you want to mount. Then sand
and/or chisel again until you have a snug fit. If you slide the
chisel sideways by gripping it close to the edge with fingers and
thumb, you can take off thin shavings as you can with a plane.

Probably the bottom shim can be glued and clamped with a C clamp or
two and the one at the side may need to be glued and screwed with a
countersunk screw that is below flush so as not to interfere with the

You could also, after shimming, make a horizontal slit in the slot
at the bottom extending about an inch and a half to each side. Then
vertical holes and put two wood screws into them from the bottom.
Then you can tighten them and squeeze the slot tighter on the pin. If
you do this, you’ll have to “clamp” the shim on the side by wedging
something in the slot while the glue dries or find a way to make the
horizontal and vertical screws pass each other. Use a fairly thin
wood screw and you can drill out the hole if, after some use, the
screws get loose, and use larger ones. You don’t change the pin that
often, so this arrangement will probably last a long time.

Just another idea…

Buy the GRS Benchmate, and you can make or modify any number of
bench pins, easily swapped out as needed. It eliminates the wobbly
bench pin scenario, and provides a secure base for all of the other
attachments they offer. There are several different sets available,
get the simplest set available or individual parts as needed. I would
start with the L-shaped metal base to go overthe edge of the bench,
it protects the wooden bench edge and prevents the screws from
pulling out of the wood on the front. Then add the pin holders
asneeded. The ring clamp is very useful as well, depending on the
kind of work you do.

Melissa Veres, engraver

For larger work I use a “Japanese style” bench pin.

I looked at the product you’re reviewing and thought… “If I move it
up, and the angle moves it back on the bench, won’t I hit my

I made mine casted in aluminium after a wood form.

Vlad Radu Poenaru

Meryl Freedman wrote, in part:

I recently saw an interesting hand made modern custom mount on ebay
from a US companycalled Oiled Steel with some decent specs.... I
was wondering if any one had any experience with it" 

I have that bench pin and holder. My review of it on eBay was “Bench
pin. Rugged! Easy to use! Clever! Beautiful! Incredible! Buy it!”.
I’ll be happy to provide details.

The inclusion of “from Oiled Steel” (with upper-case O and S) in the
eBay description is somewhat confusing – oiled steel is the
material of construction, not the company. The seller provides a
first name (Nik) and a phone number. These led me to his website,



I have the GRS benchmate setter’s pack. Best investment for the
bench I ever made.

Had mine for years and and works well for everything.


I bought one but it was so small I felt it would be difficult to
balance larger sheets for sawing. I returned it. I’m pretty new to
jewelry making & mostly self taught. Perhaps I don’ t understand