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Bench, photo-studio!


Here is one picture that might interest everyone. You might ask how do I get so many up-close photographs during my “setting & essay” sessions? My digital microscope works non-stoop between 65 <-> 125x power.

I do the setting, examining each photograph under the microscope. Then I do two things worth noting, I use my iPhone for further back foto’s or go into my power zoom. Only when I’m totally satisfied with the angle, lighting & overall ‘staging’ & presentation, will I use it.

Last night, I set a Princess ring, too many things went wrong, namely pin-holes as deep as the Grand Canyon. I found a breakage in the stone…both items quickly went into “delete department.”

I might take as much as 3-4 days working on the photographs. If I take 20 photographs, I might use only 7-8. Then comes the writing section. This is a long series of editing, changing words around, more editing inserting the correct number of photos next to the right sentence & paragraph.Even the ‘text presentation’ has to be eye-appealing!

I have my setting bench, Laptop & plus my larger ‘archival’ computer all working in tandem. Not too mention shooting pictures, saving everything on multiple USB modules. From all of my labours, everyone gets a chance to read interesting technical essays.

.BTW, I write in the Canadian language…"Claws, labours, centre, cm’s & millimeters."
So many ‘behind-the scenes’ activity…just for one simple essay.


I really think you are having fun with your stuff!


"Having fun?"… just how did you guess?..:>) There is just a little
separation between ‘fun & writing’ essays. But it is really…(you fill in
the missing word)…:>)

*Gerry Lewy *

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