Bench mag

I just got my first copy of Bench magazine and I must say if you are
not a subscriber then you are missing out on some great
I was especially impressed with Tom Weishaar"s article on plat.
fabrication of crowns. I have not had a chance to read all the
articles (Tom’s just caught my eye). My congrats to the editing
staff and the contributors, this mag is a must have for any serious
bench jeweler, designer, or jewelery artist. (usual disclaimer goes

Frank Goss, et al!

If you turn to page 13 of the Spring 2006 issue, you’ll see my
article on “Flat Top Solitaire Settings”. If you don’t get this GREAT
magazine, you won’t read how I did this process. All of these
pictures were taken during the actual setting process while setting
and never gathered from other sources. In fact, I lean very heavily
on using a Bud bur for the initial grooving or “breaking the surface”

BEFORE using the 156C bur, or bearing cutter. If you went to the
"Bench" conference I was handing out this very same article to those
who were at my 4 seminars. “If you didn’t go, you didn’t get it,

Just to let you all know how taxing it was to write this article,
thinking out the many steps of describing setting a stone this was a
4-hour writing experience. I then needed a day to recover. To set a
stone is easy, but to describe each and every step has lots more
"brain work" than just writing simple emails…:>)

On page 15 for instance, I was supporting the ring clamp on a out of
wooden box against my bench peg. Then holding the
pumice wheel in the chuck with my right hand and then holding the camera
with my left hand. Easy, eh? Don’t ask? Thank goodness I’m ambidextrous
able to do three things at once!

BTW, “Bench” has a ‘proof reader’ to translate Canadian terminology to
the American vernacular. Such as “Claws” to Prongs and “Jewellery” to
jewelry and “Neighbour” to neighbor, etc’s. Also I enjoy being able to
and being able to help others…Gerry Lewy!

I have been getting Bench Magazine for about 5 months now and I love
it. I have learned more from this magazine in the few short months
that I have been getting it than in any other magazine I have gotten.
The best thing about this magazine is it is FREE here in the U.S.
Here is a link to the site: