Bench fililngs clean up tip

Hi Larry ! Just a quick note. I don’t use that many metals, but
even so, rigged up a great system to catch filings and small bits. I
use a dome of plexiglass bent over and open at both ends and set
into a very standard size lunch tray. Have a number of them to fit
that dome and it is soooo easy to sweep all the filings of any
particular metal (or wax) into a container. I like plastic cassette
boxes, all labeled. Get bags of them at a dollar store or office
supply. Stack neatly with your bins. That plastic dome also has
the benefit of being a bench top face mask. You can find a small
one, much fancier, in Rio’s catalog by the way, if getting plexi
sheet domed is a problem for you there. Think you will find this
both fast and ergonomic.

Best regards,