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Bench design download

could anyone recommend a jewelry bench layout i could download?


There was a bench designed by Steve Satow. I liked that a lot
because it was simple you do not need any elaborate tools etc. His
bench is big.

I find the folks that want to make the Bench are ones who cannot
afford to buy one. Or want to customize their space.

Imagination & visualize what you need if you can make jewelry you
can certainly make your own bench easily.

Here are the basics that will help you.

Height 36 to 39" (depending on your work e.g. setters prefer higher
table tops)

Depth 15 to 28" (Depending on your space, what all you would have
on the table top)

Width 28 to 60" (Your preference)

Knee Height 24 to 26" (You can always put a some wood to raise the

Metal Tray 18" to 30" (your preference)

Then the basic Draws & Cutout or no cut out depends on you. 3/4"
Plywood is good enough for a strong bench and you can always put
extra support.

Best of luck
Kenneth Singh

I don’t know of a download, but I believe there is a great plan for
a bench in “The Complete Metalsmith” by Tim McCreight.

The Complete Metalsmith: An Illustrated Handbook
By Tim McCreight

Price: $14.95

Media: Spiral-bound
Manufacturer : Sterling Publishing
Release data : 31 December, 1991