Bench and use of sewing table

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What about just buying some cheap 2 by 2 inch wood, make four legs,
connect the floor with a piece of wood diagonal with the top end
connect the floor ends with each other, using again the 2 by 2 inch
wood, the table top finishedwith some plywood, like 2 pieces of 12
mm on top of each other, you have a bench for a few bucks, you can
add old drawers with a bit of imagination and any extension left
right above or under your bench. It will take you maybe 2 hours plus
shopping trip for the materials and you have a bench exactly at the
right height for you.


Not a bad idea. But I will again refer to our friend who shared the
Frankenbench idea. But it might take longer to find a donor writing
desk. And if space is limited, the size might be an issue. But in the
end, a properly raised solid wood writing desk with a European belly
hole cut out can rival any jewelry bench built from scratch.
Depending on the quality of the writing desk you source.

Rick Powell

Gotta tell you, even when I beat something on top of the tablewith
a mini sledge hammer, *nothing* moves. It's a whole mess of ugly,
but it works and it was really, really cheap. I'd post a photo to
the bench exchange, but I'm sort of intimidated by the really nice
benches up there! 

Post you bench pic Robert! When Iposted mine it was a small bench
made from a scrap piece of plywood. It was very small, short and a
whole mess of ugly also! When I post the picture of the sewing
machine cabinet bench I am working on now for my student, theold one
will be right next to it. Like you said,; ugly but sturdy. So please
post your bench pic!

Gerald Livings

My faceting machine is built in to a 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 foot table I got
at a Volunteers of America thrift shop for $30. Less than the price
of lumber.

Al Balmer