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Bells for personal addornment history

Bells for personal adornment have a long history. Here is the
smallest glimps of such a history.

The site was 3MI6 in Arkansas and was a very early major Caddo Indian
site. A.D 600 to 1200. Here is a link

When I was working on a dig for the Arkansas Archaeological Society I
turned up with my trowel, a native copper bell. Made of native copper
traded from the American Great Lakes. The size of my thumb, it had
not been cast, but cold formed. It was in the form of blunt cylinder
with slightly open sides. This was not the last bell of its type to
be found at this site.

There were Chonch shell beads also found at the site. Diamonds at
some other sites in Southern Arkansas had been found. A near by, well
known diamond mine, Crater of Diamonds, was the most likely source.
The finds of diamonds at sites was not disclosed to the public in the
intrest of not encourageing looters or pot hunters. Pot hunting was
and still is a highly illegal and profitable trade.

I worked for nearly a year for the Arkansas Archaeological Survey
Most of it was in th field at this site. The property owner was very
protective and respectfull of this site which was not a small or
insignificant one. He has my respect.

On the way to the the dig site, we had to walk past where the
property owner had fenced off the smaller mounds. As this was a
working farm, hogs had been enclosed inside. It being in the nature
of hogs to root in the soil, they turned up some early human remains.
The skulls being round and on the slope of the mound, rolled to the
edge of the fence. Some tidy person placed the skulls ( 3 or 4 ) on
the fence posts. It was particularly sobering to morning hang overs.
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Bells for personal adornment have a long history. 

Yeah, Robb, there is a short list of things throughout history that
bring people great pleasure without any real apparent reason that
can be pinned down. Anything about waterfalls is one - the sound of
bells is another. They’re pretty iconic. Pretty cool, too…