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Beginnner's equipment starter deals


I’m looking for a jeweler’s studio starter kit–basic equipment
only, not hand tools. Saw something like this for ~$2000.00 that
included bench, single-shaft polishing motor w/filter, anvil/vices,
flex shaft, little torch/gauges, saw frame, ultrasonic cleaner,
soldering tools, and a lot more.

Never marked the web page, so I’ve lost it. Do you know of
something similar?

Thanks for your help

Thunderbird Supply in Gallup has a page in their current catalog of a
startup setup. I don’t know if it’s on their website, but it’s

Great prices, closer to true wholesale than most. Very fast good


Cynthia - I’m pretty sure Rio Grande has a starter kit; Gesswein may
also, can’t remember. Try and see what
shows up. I think they offer one or two starter kits in their
catalog - may be on the web also.

Beth in SC

Hello Cynthia,

I have placed a variety of pictures on a web site to show some of
the equipment I have for sale. The web address is It will come up with a list of
pictures that are pretty descriptive of the item. I know an actual
web site would be cooler but this saves sending out 10meg of files to

If you are interested in anything in particular please let me know.
I have more not photo’d yet. I am in New Jersey and would like to
have the equipment picked up rather than shipped.


The Little Torch concerns me if you plan to work in silver. Off hand
I don’t know of kits to help you on that one. I’ sure though that i
would rather pick my anvils and hammers and could do without the
ultrasonic cleaner. Dawn detergent and a toothbrush work pretty

Marilyn Smith

Marilyn, The Little Torch works fine on silver. I have been using one
for many years. The only exception might be if you are working on
large pieces.

Joel Schwalb

Hello Marilyn,

I know this has been discussed at length in the archives, but we
need to remember that new folks are constantly joining the Orchid

That said, I’ll repeat myself. I very much like using natural gas
(NG) and compressed oxygen. Only one bottle (oxygen) and regulator
to buy and refill. There is the expense of having a plumber install
a valve and nipple for the torch’s hose, but the cost of NG is very
low. The flame burns cleanly and generates plenty of heat for
soldering. Best of all, the flame can be left burning between uses

  • when the oxygen is added. That IS convenience!

Let us know what you decide upon, Marilyn, Judy in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
B.A.E. 237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhatttan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936 FAX (785) 532-6944