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[Beginners' Corner] Wire Soldering

Good morning Orchidians,

Yesterday I requested info. on wholesalers for funky watch faces
and am still hoping someone out there will have some names for

This morning I have another request. I work in SS and GF wire
primarily. I would like suggestions and advice on the simplest
methods, using the simplest equipment to do a very small amount
of soldering on certain pieces. Usually, no soldering is
necessary, but occasionally it surely would be helpful. Any
suggestions are welcome.


Hi Trudy, For soldering wire I’ve found paste solder & a butane
fired (Blazer or similar) torch works very well. Paste solder is
available in high, medium & low melting temps in sterling, gold
filled & different gold karats. If you’re going to be soldering
to a smaller piece to a large piece, the Blazer may not provide
enough heat. If that’s the case, a propane or acetyline torch
with the appropriate tip may be required.