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Hi, I’m new to Orchid (well, I’ve been lurking for a while) so I
hope I’m doing this right! I tried to search the archives but didn’t
find what I’m looking for, so I’m sorry if this is something that’s
been asked a million times already.

I am relatively new to jewelry making; I’ve been working on it
(self-taught) in my spare time for about a year now. Since my time
is very limited, I am not able to take classes or work with a
jeweler, so I was wondering if anyone would share their advice on
the book/DVD/video/resource that has helped the most. Also, I am not
necessarily looking to have a retail jewelry business in the
traditional sense – I just want to put it online and see if
anything sells :slight_smile: So, I would really appreciate any advice you’d be
willing to give on that aspect as well.

Thank you in advance. I look forward to learning from all of you!

-Sarah Kirchner


I recommend The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight. Actually, I
recommend anything by Tim McCreight. There’s also Jewelry Making by
Jinks McGrath, Jewelry Making by Murray Bovin, Jewelry Casting by
Murray Bovin, (these are all books, by the way), and Cheap Thrills
in the Tool Shop by Charles Lewton Brain. And Oppi Untrecht’s tome

I prefer books because I can stare at a picture from every angle,
even upside-down to figure out the what-goes-where part of jewelery

The other fine folks on this list can recommend appropriate videos
or DVDs.

Good luck to you,
Susannah Page-Garcia

In addition to all of Susannah’s great suggestions, Don’t miss any
and all of Alan Revere’s books on Jewelry. Concise and loads of
photos and info.

Lisa, (chipped a gorgeous Tourmaline yesterday, off to the lapidary
to pick it up after recut today…Its always something, isn’t it?
Two days of driving downtown…aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!), Topanga, CA


chipped a gorgeous Tourmaline yesterday, off to the lapidary to
pick it up after recut today.... 

Just one simple question, How did you chip it? Let me help you in
preventing it in happening again…:>) This way we all can find out
and learn form this “ooops!”…

Gerry Lewy!

Im in school for jewellery and this is our resourse suppliers list
compiled by Ken Vickerson. If your in Toronto it may be very useful.

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