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Beginner oxidizing

Hi Everybody:

I wanted to say, first off, that I am extremely grateful for all of
the advice you guys have been giving me over the last few weeks. I
know I don’t always write back right away, but I did want you to know
how glad I am to be able to ask for and receive such good advice.

I’m on to my second project and would like to do another ring, this
time adding some texture and color. I would like to do a simple
half-round band and “sprinkle” granulation on top (around the center
stone). Since the band will be sterling and the granules fine, I am
hoping to use LOS to make the band darker, but keep the granules
shiny and white. Will this work? Will granules stay put on the top of
a band or are they too fragile? Will LOS stay dark on the outer part
of a band (the part that doesn’t rub on the finger) or will it wear

I know we talked about damaging the center stone. This time I am
setting a pearl. Can I protect it well with masking tape?

Thanks so much,
Kim Starbard