Beavement Notice

To those who knew her, it’s my sad chore to let you know of the
passing of Judy Marsh of Pensacola FL. Judy was formerly known on
this board as MetalUrges. In the past few years, economics had forced
her to change fields to web graphics, but she was still interested in
jewelry and metalwork. I talked with her over the net for years, and
finally a couple of summers ago when she wanted a break, she came up
to MA and stayed with me for a week. She was a great person who’d had
a hard time over the years but kept plugging away at building a
satisfying life while caring for an ailing mother and four children.
Last year she discovered she had breast cancer. Despite aggressive
treatment, it spread to her brain and finally her spinal cord, and
she spent her last months in misery. After a week in hospice, she
passed away on Dec 15.

Please join me in mourning a fine artist and a good person.



Thank you for letting us know of the loss of one of our own. My
heart is greatly saddened to hear that her last months were a
misery. I have dedicated 20 years to nursing people with life
limiting illnesses. Ones end of life DOES NOT NEED TO BE A MISERY. A
life limiting illness can be managed with comfort, dignity and
quality. Please Orchidites if someone you love experiences a life
limiting illness, discuss palliative care and hospice care from the
begainning. Many well trained, educated and compassionate
Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses are out here to help
you. Your primary doctor or specialist my need you to broach the
subject as they are not trained in what we can offer. Please do not
suffer needless misery

Irene White
aspiring metalsmith and humble oncology/palliative care/hospice nurse

Thank you, Irene. As little as we want to think about these things,
we do need to know our options in case the dragon shows up on our



As a Hospice Volunteer, I totally agree with you. Families seem to
see the Hospice referral as the death sentence and to “protect” the
patient, instead allow them to survive whatever time is left in
pain. Not at all necessary.

Pat, you go girl, fight that cancer, keep living your life, loving
your family and pets.



Thank you for sharing the about Judy Mash’s illness and
passing. It deeply saddens me to learn of her struggle and misery. My
heart goes out to her family. I hope that her spunk, creativity and
perseverance will be remembered through her work and dedication to
her family.


I hope that her spunk, creativity and perseverance will be
remembered through her work and dedication to her family 

I’m sure it will, but I remember her best as an e-mail pal who
frequently kept me in stitches.