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Beauty and the Beastly Smell


I have really been enjoying reading this forum and the archives. So
much to learn, so little time. I guess it is my turn to contribute
and not just leech off the I gain, so I’d like to add the
following tutorial to the archives. I hope you find it helpful Beauty
and the Beastly Smell: Using Liver of Sulfur. This has
been presented at conferences and in articles. It contains recipes
for achieving several effects on metal using LOS. It also offers
different ways to remove the patina and ways to preserve the finish.

I hope you
find it helpful.

Holly Gage

Hi Holly,

Your post came at a good time - I’ve just purchased my first lot of
potassium sulphide to have a go at patination. Your tutorial is VERY
informative. You use it on precious metal clay, but I’m assuming the
same instructions apply for sterling silver which is what I use?

Thanks so much - I will print it out once I can get my printer to
work! BTW your art jewellery pieces are really beautiful, very

Preston, UK