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Beads in soldered pieces

Does anyone have any ideas about how to make a piece in sterling
silver which includes beaded semiprecious stone beads in it? I want
to make earrings which will have a main piece which is sawed and
soldered, and then have some wires with strung beads incorporated
(soldered) into the piece. I’m going to scan and attach my sketch
later as it’s so much easier than words, but I thought that someone
here must have experience in this area.

My thought was to complete the soldering as much as possible, then
cover the beads in cool jool, and solder this piece (the part with
the beads in it). Then I will have two elements which could be
soldered together. I’m thinking about using some ametrine 15mm coin

As always any feedback will be appreciated.

PS, still looking for a teacher in NYC, but have several leads. Have
also gone with your advice, Bentiron, re using small chain in piece;
tiny jumprings and no solder.

Regarding my post: when I said “strung” beads I did not mean on cord
or any other type of thread. I would use silver wire.

Mary - here is a piece with natural stone beads in place secured
after assembly and polishing. I used a PUK II to secure the second
bead on this one. In earlier versions of this general design, I used
a small very hot flame to make the second bead. I lost a couple of
stones the first couple of times but with practice you can do it. A
better answer is to make the bead in gold wire - it isn’t nearly as
heat conductive as silver. Argentium would also be a better choice
than regular sterling.

Judy Hoch