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Beads in London

HI, all. A friend is going to London in Sept. and wonders if there
are any really good bead shops. Also, what’s the name of the street
in the jewelry district? Thanks in advance for any help or

Gini in very muggy Florida

Hatton Garden is the name of the jewelry area in London

Gini, I don’t know if this is the jewelry district per se in London,
but I remember a lot of jewelers “en pleine aire” (I know, wrong
language!) as well as shops in Trafalgar Square. – Quik.

While in London a few years,I visited the Bead Shop that belongs to
Stephany Tomalin. She is the author of the bead book titled
BEADS!,make your own unique jewellry.

Address of shop is:259 Portobello Rd.London,W11 1LR It is a very small
shop but with inventory from all over the world. They also do classes.
I hope this is of help to you.

Louise Gerstenblatt <@LGOriginal> DOVER,N.H.

Hatton Garden is the jewel district, as in the area where dealers
view parcels of gemstones in private offices. If your friend is
interested in beadshops this is not the area.

Bond Street is where the high end jewellery shops are located, same
comment about beads applies.

Covent Garden is the area where there are interesting small craft
shops, and stalls in the market. This is where she could start. If
she takes a trip down the river to Greenwich there is a great market
there too, with many jewellery stalls.

Kevin (UK)

Yes, Covent Garden (I previously said Trafalgar Square - I haven’t
been there in 9 years, sorry <:-). Trafalgar Square had the huge lion statues. --Arts

Kevin, Thanks for the good navigational tips for London. London and
Rio are my favorite places on earth…London for mental reasons and
Rio for joi de vivre ! When I arrive in London I make a bee line for
the antique print and litho shops in the Leicester Square area and
seldom take the time to sleuth for gems, etc. Now you have given me
incentive to expand my prowling. I understand that it is no longer
necessary to take the Picadilly tube into town…I’m told that
there is an express train from Heathrow. I can’t wait to go again,
but certainly not during the tourist season. Thanks again…Ron
at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.

21a Tower Street, Covent Garden, London WC2, England

Is a large shop with plenty lo look at and moderately good prices. Go
downstairs for the precious and semi precious material.

If you go down Hatton Garden there is a least one shop (very
overpriced) selling stones and beads to the general public

If you email me I’ll willingly take you into the ateliers who’ll sell
to you at trade prices (If I’m in London at the time - I’m in Florida
for 3 weeks in 4)