Beaded Necklaces Keep Breakin

beadalon tigertail and beadalon wire seem to be as hardcore as you
can get, being metal… others you might want to try: RioGrande
Gems&Findings p.399

“DandyLine is excellent for bead weaving and stringing glass
beads. It is abrasion resistant, 100% water resistant and will
not stretch; a higher quality stringing product than silk!
Please note: Due to the nature of the material, the black cord
appears dark grey in color.”

     .004" white/black 685-880/685-886
     .006" white/black 681-155/681-156
     .008" white/black 681-159/681-160
     .008" white/black 685-885/685-887


“Tough Thread: Better quality than the finest beading thread
and stronger than wire, Tough Thread will not stretch and is
water, UV, and fray resistant. Even though it is soft and very
flexible, Tough Thread will not kink, making it the best option
for your highly detailed bead work and for weaving. Fits #10
and #12 beading needles.”

    .009" white/black 681-845/681-846 

K. David Woolley
Fredericton, NB
Diversiform Metal Art & Jewellery