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Bead stinging Glue

Hello, Ive been doing lots bead stinging with both pearl and semi
precious beads. Ive switch over to using strength instead of silk
,which so far is working out nicely. what is the glue to use?Im using
g -s hypo cement, and find sometimes it does break at the end of a
necklace after much wear . Any good tips

Wilmington Jeweler-Olga

Switch to Softflex and use their crimps instead. The Softflex won’t
become brittle and doesn’t need to be glued. Just thread the crimp
with the wire, loop the wire through a jump ring or the loop in a box
clasp, back through the crimp, and crimp it tight with a good
crimping tool. I have necklaces that are 8 years old that are still
holding strong.

Desert Dreamer Designs

I use soft flex for many of the stringing pieces I do, however
sometimes you need a really soft drape and only thread will do.
When I use thread I run it through an eye pin and then I use 330
epoxy to seal the knot. I have never had a problem with any pieces
coming apart or breaking.

Grace, Cleveland