Am getting a new pattern to show Bead-Setting. It’s just a
’rectangular’ watch cover, but it has to be put on shellac! I’ve had
this rubber-mold laying in my shelving unit till today.

I modified the wax & will cast it in s/s.

I will then make 2-3 videos to explain how I start with a
’Rough-Cutting’ Onglette*#1 *. Then after showing how my Onglette
#2 graver is going to be used to it’s fullest capacity.

This little setting process is rated at about *25+ out of 10 *on my
’difficulty scale’. All of this cutting is prior to any form of
stone setting. The official name to this process is “Pre-Cutting”,
which it is! You will see the maintenance of the gravers, how the
beads are formed. then how I will set the stones without being set
either too high or too low. I might give this at ‘30 out of 10’.

All it takes is about 15+ years of experience to master this aspect
of diamond setting…:>)…Gerry Lewy